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Our success hinges on the success of larger association community of vendors, advisors, and consultants.  As such, we’ve designed a generous partner program designed by association sales veterans.  We value your partnership and look forward to advancing together.

Affiliate Partner Level

Affiliate Partners identify and introduce potential opportunities to us in return for a fixed commission after an opportunity results in a signed contract and first payment.  Commission will be paid within thirty (30) days of payment receipt from the new client.  Rinse and repeat.

Channel Partner Level

After an Affiliate Partner transaction, Partners will be invited to join the FUSE Partner Program at the Channel Partner level if they wish to.  Channel Partners receive continuous shares of the FUSE fees collected for as long as A) the referred client remains paid a FUSE client and B) the Partner maintains their Channel Partner status.  Channel Partners also receive a share of set-up fees.


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