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Customize your Members' Search Experience

Premium Module - additional fees apply

When done right, personalizing the member experience means increased satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.  Fuse Search can play a critical role personalizing the member experience.

Saved Search

Members want the content they are most interested in delivered to them upon arrival at your website.  What they don’t want is to have to search for the same content they have searched for before.  Saved search allows users to select their areas of interest and have FSA find that content across all of the organization's data repositories.  Members can even elect to receive email digests of new content that match their search terms.

Users expect an experience personalized to them - if it's not there, they'll go somewhere else to find it.

Users expect an experience personalized to them - if it's not there, they'll go somewhere else to find it.

Relevance and Context

To effortlessly deliver relevant results, you must enable your members and partners to easily search across your entire ecosystem of record.  Since FSA has access to the member's profile, it can tailor search results that are both relevant to the user and in context to the search term.  It also allows the organization to place the content that they deem important to certain membership groups at or near the top of the results page.

Dynamic Filtering

Some so-called federated searches have static filters no matter the source of data (e.g. journal articles or jobs).  A powerful feature of FSA are its dynamic filters (also sometimes called facets in search parlance) which change based on what is being searched.  For example, journal article filters may include author name and issue number while switching to job listings will change the filters available to salary range and location.  Content can be further categorized by content type - e.g. videos, PDFs, social media posts.


Don't forget analytics!  A valuable byproduct of personalized search is that it captures very important metric data that can help you understand what A) your members, B) types of members, and C) prospective members are searching for at a very detailed level.  Every search page impression is saved (i.e. what was searched, what the corresponding filter settings were) which allows you as an organization to focus your efforts in improving the member experience.  Learn more about Fuse Search's powerful analytics gathering.